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Founded in Germany in March 2004, Be2 branched out into Australia in 2008 and is currently one of the fastest-growing international online dating websites, with 30 million users throughout the world. The unique matchmaking system forms the strong backbone of the dating website and is based on over 60 years of personality research and relationship studies. Be2 keeps their matchmaking algorithm effective and up-to-date by reviewing it regularly and comparing it with the latest dating site technologies, making it one of the best dating sites out there.
With 43% of members male and 57% of members female, it’s slightly easier to for guys to find matches than it is for girls and whilst the average age on the site is 36 there are people of all sorts of ages on the site, ranging from 18 to 60+. What Be2 really prides itself on is its success rate – more than 40% of its members (across its international websites) have found love through the Be2 website.
There are a handful of tools and services you can take advantage of for free when you sign up for a free Be2 account, but in order to actually contact anyone and get the ball rolling, you’ll need to sign up for a paid membership. So you don’t feel like you have to jump in at the deep end, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Be2, including how much it costs to sign up, what you get for free, how easy it is to join and any discount codes currently available for you to snap up.

How much does a Be2 membership cost?

Duration Price per Month Total Price
12 months $24.90 $298.80
6 months $39.90 $239.40
3 months $59.90 $179.70

Since Be2 only has one type of paid membership, all you have to decide is how long you’d like to sign up for. The price difference between each of the accounts is huge, so make sure you think long and hard about which package is right for you. If you take out the three month plan for $179.70 and then decide you want to extend your membership for another three months, you’ll end up paying $359.80 (more than the price of the 12 month package!) when you could have paid only $239.40 if you had selected the six month package to begin with.
When you take out a paid membership, Be2 includes a success guarantee. This guarantee promises that you will establish contact with a minimum of ten recommended partners through the website. If you communicate with less than ten members, your membership will be extended for free!
Important: When you sign up for a paid subscription with Be2, your membership will automatically be renewed before it expires. If you don’t want your subscription to be renewed, make sure you cancel the automatic renewal at least 14 days before your membership is due to run out.

What does a Be2 free account include?

As a free Be2 member, you’ll get to:

  • Fill out the personality test and review the subsequent personality evaluation which will be used to find your potential matches
  • Check out the Be2 ideal partner personality description created according to the answers you gave in the personality test
  • Complete your personal profile to encourage people to contact you
  • Upload photos
  • View members’ profiles (only after you complete your own profile) but you won’t be able to see their photos
  • Send messages to other members requesting that they contact you – these message are pre-written and even if the members do respond by sending you a message, you won’t be able to reply to them unless you sign up for a paid account

What’s the difference between the Be2 free membership and the Be2 paid membership?

Personality testPersonality evaluationIdeal partner personality descriptionAbility to upload photosContact request messagesView members’ photosSend and receive messagesSee who’s been looking at your profile

Personality testPersonality evaluationIdeal partner personality descriptionAbility to upload photosContact request messagesView members’ photosSend and receive messagesSee who’s been looking at your profile

Service Free Paid
Personal profile Y Y
Personality test Y Y
Personality evaluation Y Y
Ideal partner personality description Y Y
Ability to upload photos Y Y
Contact request messages Y Y
View members’ photos Y N
Send and receive messages Y N
See who’s been looking at your profile Y N

How to join Be2 and use a Be2 promotional code

Before you can start searching for your perfect match with Be2, you’ll need to sign up for an account which involves filling out the Be2 survey. This survey starts off by asking relationship-related questions, followed by traits you’d like your partner to have in order to find you potential matches. The questions then move on to the normal dating survey-type questions, such as “How would your friends describe you” and asking you to rate on a scale how much certain words apply to your personality. The Be2 survey has got to be one of the shortest and simplest ones around – it only took me 6 minutes to complete from start to finish.

be2 profile question

After the survey, you’ll then be given the chance to upload a photo from your computer or your Facebook page. Unlike many online dating sites, you can also pick who can see your photos – either all men/women depending on who you’re looking for or only the people you’re interested in. When you’ve uploaded a photo (or skipped the optional step) you’ll be taken to your homepage and asked to complete your profile. You don’t have to complete your profile just yet – Be2 will have already found you some potential matches by the time you get to this stage – but if you decide to do so, you’ll find all the usual sections to fill out with info about food, holidays, hobbies, sports, reading, music, films and TV shows.
Whilst you’re more than welcome to use the Be2 site for free, you’ll no doubt find that the free account has some serious limitations and the purple ‘SUBSCRIBE NOW!’ tab at the top of the page will no doubt become too tempting at some point. If you click on that tab you’ll be taken to the paid membership page where you can choose the membership plan which suits you best and sign up for it with a credit card.

be2 membership prices

Be2 Promo Codes

So, you’ve decided to sign up to Be2 after all of our waffling, we have made sure you will get the very best price by supplying the latest Be2 promo codes and discounts below. To take advantage of the below, make sure you have a fully updated profile.

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Be2 Dating Top Tips

Be2 claims that only 3% of women respond to profiles without photos, so guys – make sure you upload one!
Take advantage of the success guarantee – if you take out a paid membership and don’t connect with at least ten other people, you’ll get your membership extended free of charge.
If you decide to pay for a subscription, make sure you cancel the automatic renewal if you don’t want to continue paying.

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