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I try my hardest to keep this site up to date and as helpful as possible, so if you have any feedback, Id love to hear it.
I’m not going to put my hone number here, I don’t want none of your crazies calling me at midnight because you got a new match or anything, but feel free to drop me an email any time…or leave a comment, I ALWAYS check me comments and get back to you lovely folk.

Best of luck dating!!!

2 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. I signed up for Elitesingles for 3 months, it seems like you automatically extended it another 3 months which is not what I asked for so I would like a refund for the time up to July please

  2. I need to cancel my subscription but can’t remember the Email address I used when setting up the account.
    Please advise.

    Julie Barnes

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