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eHarmony Cost in Australia – 2015 Membership

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After much success in the US, Canada and the UK, eHarmony branched out into Australia in 2007 and now has more than one million Australian members looking for love. The dating site has gained so much popularity due to the patented Compatibility Matching System it uses to pair people together – eHarmony applies a combination of science and in-depth personality profiling to match people up according to their likes, interests and what really matters to them.
With such a huge database of people and an accurate matching algorithm, eHarmony is one of the best places to find a potential match. There are around 51% males and 49% females currently using the website, and although most members are aged between 20 and 30, there is also a great number of older members.
Whilst you can create a profile for free, you’re going to have to pay if you really want to use the site and benefit from the services it offers. Below we’ve put together a summary of the different subscription plans, a guide on how to sign up for an account and any money saving discount codes currently available.

How Much does eHarmony cost?

Take a look over our membership summaries below.
Important Point! eHarmony change their membership prices on a  whim, so you might not see all of the below available when you sign up to join eHarmony.

Also, eHarmony love to change the subscriptions that are available to users. This means that the 3, 6 or 24 month plans MIGHT NOT be available all of the time. Unfortunately if they aren’t showing in your account, there isn’t much I can do….SORRY!

eHarmony Basic Plan Costs

*Savings are based on the 1 month full price plan

Name Duration Price per Month Total Price Saving*
Great Savings 24 months $13.95 $334.80 $1222
Best Value 12 months $19.95 $239.40 $540
Popular Choice 6 months $44.95 $269.70 $120
Rarely Available 3 months $50.95 $152.85 $42
One Month 1 months $64.95 $64.95 $–

If you opt for the 6 month or the 3 month plan, you’ll have to pay the $269.70 bill in one go. But if you choose the 24 month or 12 month plan, you’ll be able to split the bill into three equal instalments.

TotalConnect Plan Costs

*Savings are based on the 1 month full price plan

Name Duration Price per Month Total Price Saving*
Great Value 24 months $17.95 $430.80 $1128
Best Value 12 months $19.95 $239.40 $540
Popular Choice 6 months $45.95 $275.70 $114
Rarely Available 3 months $51.95 $155.85 $39
One Month 1 months $64.95 $64.95 $–

If you opt for the 6 month or the 3 month plan, you’ll have to pay the $275.70 bill in one go. But if you choose the 24 month or 12 month offer plan, you’ll be able to split the bill into three equal instalments.

Important: All eHarmony subscriptions are automatically renewed 24 hours before they expire. So if you decide you don’t want to carry on paying for your membership, make sure you cancel your subscription before another payment is taken.
You can also choose to turn off the automatic renewal feature but by doing this, you’ll have to pay the normal rates that new members have to pay if you decide you want to carry on with your paid membership.
Whilst the longest plans always work out at the best value for money, you’ve got to be pretty committed to sign up for two year’s worth of online dating. But if you think that’s the right route for you, then great – go for it! If you don’t want such a long-term account, the Basic six-month membership currently includes TotalConnect for free, making it a great deal.

Whats the Difference between eharmony Free, eharmony Basic and eharmony TotalConnect

eHarmony offers three types of memberships – free, Basic (paid)and TotalConnect (paid). Below you’ll find a breakdown of what each membership has to offer and some tips on choosing the right one for you.

Service Free Basic TotalConnect
View your matches’ profiles Y Y Y
Send ice breakers Y Y Y
Access your Book of You Y Y Y
See your matches’ photos N Y Y
See who’s viewed your profile N Y Y
Send and receive unlimited messages N Y Y
See when your matches last logged in N Y Y
Deep personality analysis with Premium Book of You N N Y


What does the eHarmony Free account include?

As you can see – the difference between the free subscriptions and the paid subscriptions is huge. With a free account, all you get to do is view your matches’ profiles without photos, send pre-written ice breakers and access the Book of You, which is basically a collection of the answers you gave in the questionnaire transformed into what they really say about you.
On the other hand, the difference between the Basic and TotalConnect subscriptions is minimal. The Premium Book of You is a more in-depth version of the free one, giving you more comprehensive results and a more accurate personality overview. In a nutshell, it’s some more questions that you can answer so eHarmony can find you even better matches. If you select the Basic plan and then decide you really want the Premium Book of You that comes with the TotalConnect plan, you can buy it separately for $19.99.

How to Join eHarmony and Use an eHarmony Promo Code

Like any dating site, eHarmony has a lengthy questionnaire that you’ll need to fill out before you can start finding your matches. The first set of questions is simple enough – name, gender, birthday, location, etc – then they get a bit more personal – marital status and number of children – until you get onto the personality questions. To answer these questions, you have to choose how attractive/warm/outgoing/etc you are on a scale of 1-7.

eharmony austrailia personality questions
After you’ve made it through all those, there are a few more seemingly pointless questions that eHarmony assures you are bringing them “a step closer to making meaningful introductions for you”. You’ve come this far, so you might as well carry. But if at any point you’ve decided all these questions are making you feel like you’re back at school, you can exit the screen and return to where you left off later.
Be prepared – all in all the questions took me about 25 minutes to answer. The eHarmony questionnaire is one of the most comprehensive out there, but it makes sense if you think about it. The more questions you answer, the better the programme can understand you and in turn can find you a better match, so it’s best to tough it out and answer all the questions.
When you’re done with the questionnaire, it’s time to upload a photo, after which you’ll be taken to a subscription page with a breakdown of all the different packages, benefits and prices. If you want to get the absolute most you can out of eHarmony’s online dating and decide to pay for a subscription, you can choose between the more expensive TotalConnect Plans and the cheaper Basic Plans.


Before you click on the ‘Join Now’ button on your chosen subscription, make sure you have checked for any live eharmony promotional codes and add them into the box, hit ‘Go’ and save some money. The subscription prices will be adjusted according to the type of code you have.

eharmony promo code box

If you’re not sure if online dating is your thing and don’t necessarily want to hand over wads of cash in order to find out, you can click on the subtle eHarmony link on the top left corner of the page at any time to be taken to your homepage. From here you can use some of the services for free to get a feel for the site and some of the things it has to offer.

Live eHarmony Promo Codes 2014

In  order to get your profile at the best price, I have scoured the internet and attempted to work with eHarmony to bring you the best discounts, offers and promo codes. In order to use any of our promo codes, you will have to have a 100% complete profile and have answered all questions.

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View all of my best eHarmony Promotional Codes

eHarmony Top Tips

1. Follow eHarmony Australia on Facebook & Twitter. Most of the posts are articles about dating or company news, but every now and then they host a competition which you can enter to win all sorts of prizes and free memberships!
2. Take advantage of eHarmony’s Free Communication Events (they’re usually advertised on Facebook) in order to chat to your matches for free! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see your matches’ photos, but you will be able to speak to them and get to know them.
3. The most popular time to join eHarmony is the New Year & Valentines day, this is when membership prices will be at their highest and promo codes will be hardest to come by. If you can wait, give it a week or 2 to get the best deal. Behind these 2 dates, bank holiday weekends are also a popular time, but if you keep an eye on my site, I am usually able to wangle a discount code or 2 for new members.

eHarmony Free Communication Weekends

Yes, we all love something free and online dating is no exception. eHarmony regularly run their famous ‘Free Communication Weekends’ which is when you will be able to speak to your matches FOR FREE. There are a number of features you wont get, which is why we have dedicated a whole page to them. If you wanted to know more and find out when the next one is check out all the details of eHarmony Free Communication Weekends.

The next Free Communication Weekend is – August 7th – 11th 2015

The last Free Communication Weekend was – June 5th – June 9th 2015

Previous Free Communication Weekends
May 8th 2015 – May 12th 2015
April 3rd 2015 – April 7th 2015

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