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Elite Singles Cost in Australia 2015

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After huge success in the UK and across Europe, Elite Singles has branched out into Australia to create a rewarding dating website aimed at hard-working and fun-loving Australians. Unlike many other dating sites which are open to anyone and everyone, elitesingles.com.au specialises in matching sophisticated, ambitious and serious singles with other similar individuals who follow a complementary lifestyle and have the same visions and interests.

There are currently around 120,000 members using the Elite Singles website, 56% of which are women and 44% of which are men, mostly aged between 30 and 55. What really makes this site stand out from the others is its unparalleled user quality – Elite Singles prides itself on user verification, keeping fakes down to a very minimum and guaranteeing a high activity rate between members.

Although you can use Elite Singles for free, you’ll have to sign up for a paid membership if you want to message other members and take advantage of all the benefits the site has to offer. So you can make the best choice for you, we’ve put together loads of info about Elite Singles, including the membership prices, the difference between the plans, what you get for free, how to sign up and any money-saving discount codes currently available.

How much does Elite Singles cost?

Premium Membership

*Saving based on comparison with the highest monthly price

Duration Price per Month Total Price Saving*
12 months $22.95 $275.40 74%
6 months $39.95 $239.70 55%
3 months $49.95 $149.85 44%
1 month $74.95 $74.95 16%

Premium Plus Membership
*Saving based on comparison with the highest monthly price

Duration Price per Month Total Price Saving*
12 months $29.95 $359.40 66%
6 months $44.95 $269.70 50%
3 months $69.95 $209.85 22%
1 month $89.95 $89.95

The price difference between the one and three month plans, as well as the six and 12 month plans is huge, so make sure you think hard and pick the right subscription for you. If you take out the one month Premium Membership, for example, and decide you need more time on the Elite Singles website, you’ll have to fork out an additional $74.95, costing you $149.90 in total for only two months, when you could have paid $149.85 for a three month membership if you’d planned ahead.

From time to time, Elite Singles runs special offers which are great value for money. Currently, you can take out the three month Premium Membership and get all the benefits and services of a Premium Plus Membership account thrown in for free.

Important: When you take out a paid subscription, your plan will automatically be renewed at the price you paid – i.e. if you paid $359.40 for a 12 month Premium Plus Membership, you’ll be charged $359.40 for another 12 month Premium Plus Membership just before your subscription runs out. To avoid unnecessary charges, you can cancel the automatic renewal by contacting Customer Care.

What does the Elite Singles free account include?

  • A thorough scientifically-created personality report visible on your profile so people can find out more about you at a glance
  • Suggestions for potential matches
  • Ability to send smiles, five pre-set questions and likes to other members so they know you’re interested
  • Option to upload photos of yourself
  • Ability to receive unlimited messages (but you can’t respond)

What’s the difference between a free membership, Premium Membership and Premium Plus Membership?

Service Free Premium Premium Plus
Scientifically-created personality profile Y Y Y
Partner suggestions Y Y Y
Exchange smiles, 5 questions and likes Y Y Y
Upload photos Y Y Y
Receive messages Y Y Y
View all member photos N Y Y
Unlimited messaging N Y Y
See all profile visitors N Y Y
Frequent suggestion to other users N Y Y
20 additional Wildcard matches per day N N Y
Identity verification N N Y
View your personality profile N N Y
Read receipts for messages you send N N Y

As you can see, the difference between each of the memberships is quite substantial. Whilst you can check out your suggested matches and even receive messages with a free account, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership if you want to respond to messages or send your own messages.

The Premium Membership plan is pretty comprehensive, but the Premium Plus Membership takes it a step further, making it easy to find suitable partners by providing you with additional suggestions of people you might like and sending you read receipts, so you can tell the difference between who hasn’t seen your messages yet and who is ignoring you.

How to join Elite Singles and use an Elite Singles promotional code

To use Elite Singles, you’ll need to sign up for an account which involves filling out some basic info and then completing a survey. Be warned – the Elite Singles is one of the longest surveys in the online dating scene, but that also means it’s one of the most in-depth and useful.

Most of the questions ask you to rate on a scale of “doesn’t apply at all” to “applies almost always” how accurate the statements are, ranging from personal characteristic remarks to questions about the personality of your potential matches. In total, it took me around 25 minutes to complete the survey, but if you get fed up at any point, you can save your progress and finish the survey at another time.

be2 profile question

When you’re finished, you’ll be asked to add a photo which you can do by uploading one from your computer or by importing it from Facebook. After you’ve uploaded your photo – or chosen to skip the step – you’ll be taken to another page where you can fill in your profile whilst the website finds you some matches.

If you’re done with answering questions for the meantime, you can just wait until the bar at the top has stopped scrolling, indicating your partner suggestions have been calculated, then click ‘Continue’.

Now it’s time to choose your membership. Whilst you’re able to use the website for free, you won’t be able to unlock all the Elite Singles services and benefits unless you select a paid membership. After you’ve chosen the plan which works best for you, you’ll be taken to a payment page and given the option to pay by credit card or PayPal. Before you hit the green ‘Purchase’ button, make sure you click on the tiny black ‘Redeem Coupon’ link in the grey box on the right side of the screen and enter your coupon code to get the best price.

be2 membership prices

If you don’t want to select a paid membership and want to carry on using the site for free, click on the Elite Singles logo in the top left corner of the page to go to your homepage.

Live Elite Singles Promo Codes

In  order to get your profile at the best price, I have scoured the internet and attempted to work with eHarmony to bring you the best discounts, offers and promo codes. In order to use any of our promo codes, you will have to have a 100% complete profile and have answered all questions, simply copy the code into the promo code box.

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Elite Singes Top Tips

Make sure you take the time to upload a photo – Elite Singles profiles with photos get viewed 8 times more than profiles without!

Keep an eye out for special membership offers. Sometimes Elite Singles throws in Premium Plus Membership for free when you take out a certain Premium Membership plan.

7 thoughts on “Elite Singles Cost in Australia 2015”

  1. I want my membership canceled because I thought it was 29.00 for six months and not 176.00. So I would like to have my money returned to my account. Email me back on this. Carol Shanks. I know I will not be paying that much for a membership again. Thank you. My email address is xxxxx

  2. I am being charged $119.95 per month (every month for the last 4 months) when I took out only a one month membership.
    Please check your records and refund my money.

    1. Hey Laura,
      Please follow up with Elite Singles as this seems to be a common problem. Make sure the auto renew is switched off as we stated above – Good luck!!!

  3. Please cancel my subscription as your marketing States $24.99/week and only later did I realise that you will deduct this amount every week for 6 months!! I am not happy with this as I only want to join for 1 week and wish to cancel from the date the the 1 week subscription ceases, being sat 23/08/15!!

    1. Hey C,
      Please follow up with Elite Singles direct as I cant do anything here. I have tried to make the cost as clear as possible for you guys.
      Good luck

  4. Hello,
    Yesterday evening I subscribed to a 6 month membership for $39.95. Today I found the approximately $247 had been deducted from my bank account. If this is the price, it was totally misleading and I want a refund of that amount of that amount by Tuesday 8th of September. I have also encouraged a few friends to log on to this website and now feel terrible that not only I, but them also, have been totally mislead.
    I would appreciate an explanation as to this totally wrong advertising ASAP.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Kate,

      Im sorry that you weren’t expecting the cost, Ive tried to make the cost as clear as possible on here. Unfortunately I cant help from here, you will need to chase this up with Elite Singles.
      I hope you get this sorted, please keep us in the know
      Good luck

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