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RSVP Cost of Membership in Australia

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With more than 1,200 new singles joining the website every single day, RSVP is Australia’s number one dating website. What makes this dating site so incredibly popular – there are currently over 2 million members – is that there are two different ways to find potential matches. You can fill out the personality survey and let the RSVP programme pick out your matches or take things into your own hands and search member profiles according to practically every qualification and characteristic you could possibly come up with – from location and age to star sign and pet preferences.

With such a huge membership, it goes without saying that there are all sorts of people to choose from on RSVP. The members are split equally between men and women, with 48% of members being aged between 26 and 40 and 34% being aged between 41 and 60.

You can create a profile and view other profiles for free, but you’ll need to sign up for a paid membership in order to unleash the full power of RSVP. So you know just what you’re getting into before you take the plunge into online dating, we’ve got the lowdown on RSVP membership prices, the difference between the plans, an overview on how to create an account and any discount codes currently up for grabs.

How Much does RSVP cost?

*Saving are based on comparison to the one month package

RSViP Priority Membership

Duration Price per Month Total Price Saving*
12 months $6.65 $79.90 55%
6 months $9.98 $59.90 33%
3 months $11.63 $34.90 22%
1 month $14.90 $14.90

*Saving based on comparison to the one month package

RSViP Private Membership

Duration Price per Month Total Price Saving*
12 months $9.99 $119.90 67%
6 months $15.81 $94.90 47%
3 months $21.63 $64.90 28%
1 month $29.90 $29.90

Important: All RSViP memberships are automatically renewed at the full price per month one day before they’re due to expire. If you don’t want to continue paying for your membership, make sure you cancel your paid subscription or turn off the automatic renewal through the payment management page of the website before any more money is taken.

If you take out the 12, 6 or 3 month subscription, you can pay for it via credit card, PayPal or BPAY, but if you take out the 1 month subscription, you can only pay for it with a credit card.

What do you get from the RSVP Free account?

  • Search for profiles according to various characteristics.
  • Send as many free kisses as you like to other members to find out if they’re interested in you before you take it any further. You can accept unlimited virtual kisses, too.
  • View other members’ profiles, including their photos.
  • See the last four people who viewed your profile.

What’s the Difference between a RSVP Free membership, RSViP Priority membership and RSViP Private membership?

Service RSVP Free RSViP Priority RSViP Private
Send unlimited kisses Y Y Y
View other profiles Y Y Y
Appear at the top of search results N Y Y
Highlight your profile N Y Y
See who’s viewed your profile N Y Y
Refine who can contact you with kiss filters N Y Y
Hide members to make room for new ones N Y Y
View your compatibility with your matches N Y Y
Personality survey and report N Y Y
Send and receive photo attachments N Y Y
Receive notifications when your messages have been read N Y Y
Non-expiring stamps N Y Y
Ability to pre-approve your matches N Y Y
Choose who can see your profile N N Y

As you’d expect, the difference between the free and paid memberships is huge. As a free member, all you can really do is view profiles and send kisses – that’s not really going to find you the love of your life, is it? However, the difference between the cheaper RSViP Priority and the more expensive RSViP Private is tiny – the only benefit of the more expensive account is that you can pick and choose what characteristics someone must have in order to view your profile. Since the whole reason you’re creating a dating profile on RSVP is to meet new people and find potential matches, it seems a bit pointless to limit your matches before you even start.

Whatever type of account you pick, you need to buy stamps in order to chat to other members – that’s how RSVP keeps their membership prices so low. One stamp opens up 30 days of unlimited contact through email or instant messaging with any one RSVP member. Stamps expire after a certain time, depending on the type of stamp book you buy and the type of account you have.

Sometimes RSVP gives you the chance to have a mini trial of the RSViP Priority membership for free! To see if this deal is available, create a free account and click on the ‘My Matches’ tab. If the free trial is available, you’ll be asked to fill out a personality survey in exchange for the free trial. The survey only takes about 15 minutes to complete and it’s a great way to see if a paid membership is right for you without having to spend any money.

Current RSVP stamp prices:

Number of Stamps Total Price Price per Stamp
3 $45 $15
6 $70 $11.66
12 $90 $7.50
24 $120 $5

How to Join RSVP and Use a RSVP Promotional Code

In order to check out your potential matches on RSVP, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire. Fortunately, the RSVP question form is one of the shortest in the online dating website scene, so it shouldn’t take you too long – it only took me about five minutes and that included the time it took to fill out the extra optional questions, too.

The questions are fairly general, starting off with the usual stuff like physical appearances and who you’re looking for then they move onto something much more interesting that I’ve never stumbled across on a dating website before.

RSVP Dating Questions

RSVP asks you to fill out a mini form listing any deal breakers you have when it comes to finding a partner – such as if they’re a smoker, already have children or if they want more children. Not all websites make it this easy to clearly state the kind of person you’re definitely not interested in, so extra points for RSVP!

From here, it’s time to select what kind of membership you want. If you’re new to the online dating scene and don’t want to empty your pockets, you can choose the free membership. On the other hand, if you want to get exclusive benefits and extra RSVP services, you’ll need to pick the paid RSViP priority or RSViP private membership.

rsvp dating payment

If you choose a paid membership, make sure you type your promo code into the box below before hitting ‘Create my profile’ in order to get the best price currently available.


If you sign up for a paid account, you’ll need to complete the RSVP personality survey before you can view your matches. The survey is pretty normal for an online dating website and asks you to rate on a scale of one to six how much you agree or disagree with various personality statements. If you get fed up, you can save your answers and return to the survey at another time. All in all, it took me about 15 minutes to answer all the questions – not too bad compared to many other dating website personality surveys.

Live RSVP Promo Codes 2014

Ive searched high and low to ensure you guys get the best deals when joining RSVP dating, take a look below and use one of our codes to save some of your hard earned money! Shout me if you have any issues.

*Great Value 6 Month Membership Discount* 
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RSVP Dating Top Tips

Definitely take the time to upload a photo of yourself when creating an account. RSVP claims that member profiles with photos get 11 times more attention than profiles without a photo. Think about it – would you want to get into a relationship with someone you’d never seen before?

Follow RSVP on Facebook or Twitter. They regularly update their profile with dating tips, articles, competitions and freebies.

Keep an eye out for RSVP Singles Events near you for the chance to meet and chat with other singles for free…not including the price of the entry ticket.

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